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What is LYLY art painting?

Lyly Art Painting began in 2011. It is the first shop in Siem Reap to have original hand painted t-shirts and other paintings.
The t-shirts at Lyly Art Painting are a high quality and can be machine washed at any temperature without affecting the artwork on the t-shirt.


The creator is Mr. Ponleu.

If you actually come to our shop, you may be able to see his production site.
Please take a look at his profile. 👇👇👇Artist


On the backstreet of Pub Street.

Pub Street is a must-visit hub for visitors to the city.
We introduce how to access our store. 👇👇👇Maps


Find your favorite.

Our creations will be treasured keepsakes for yourself, family and friends.
Here are photos of the items for sale, including T-shirts, bags, art, accessories, and crafts. 👇👇👇Lineup


Please check our SNS as well.

We often update information on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. 👇👇👇LyLy Art - FacebookLyLy Art - InstagramLyLy Art - TikTokLyLy Art - Twitter
You can also contact us via Telegram or WhatsApp. 👇👇👇+855 87 99 33 98

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